About Us

Our Team

SuperNOVA started off as a small team in 2013, when one freshmen from Woodbridge and a sophomore from Forest Park approached the Osbourne Park FRC coach about starting a county-wide FRC team. Osbourne Park agreed to house us and we began working on grants. Once we got grants from NASA, and Orbital, we soared, cheesy I know, but we did. Our first year competing, we won the Rookie All-Star award at both districts and worlds. We started off with about 10 people from 5 schools, we now have 20 people from 3 schools, and we are still growing. This year we have a new coach, Mr. Castro, and a new meeting location, Woodbridge High School. The robot is coming along great under the leadership of the leadership team. Overall, our goal is simple, to be like our name, Super.

Our Mission

To promote STEM learning for high school students outside the classroom while teaching
leadership, problem solving and communication skills.

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